Public Comment Ends June 1, 2020

The Draft EIR (Environmental Impact Report) for the Hollywood Center (aka Millennium Project) is available now and the public comment period ends Monday, June 1.  

All requests to have this comment period extended have been met with resistance. An official request made to the City Planning by attorney Robert Silverstein was simple – request denied!

Eclipsing our historic Capitol Records Building

Article Published 5-18-2020 by CityWatch

It is essential that all public comment on the Draft EIR be submitted to the City by the end of the day on June 1.

Email your comments to or send them by mail to:
Mindy Nguyen Dept. of City Planning
 221 N. Figueroa St, Suite 1350 
Los Angeles CA 90012 

Please reference case no. ENV-2018-2116-EIR

The full Draft EIR can be viewed and downloaded here:


Many of you remember the first generation of this effort to build two huge towers next to Capitol Records and on an earthquake fault. 

That version failed because the developer tried to skirt around CalTrans. The traffic generated by such a huge project would overwhelm all the onramps to the 101 freeway. Beachwood Canyon Neighborhood Association shares that concern and is also well aware that this same traffic will clog all of the streets in Hollywood. 

The project involves two multi-use towers 35 and 46 stories adjacent to and across the street from the Capitol Records Building.

The issues that were present with that first rendition are the same with this new one. New name – same issues: 

Emergency Response: We know that such a monstrosity of a development will tap the already thin emergency response resources we now count on.

Traffic/Parking: Parking on every street near the development will be impacted and overflow cars will be driving into neighborhoods nearby in search for parking. Parking throughout Hollywood is already a nightmare and these extra cars will only make it worse.

Hollywood Earthquake Fault: This project is planned right on top of the Hollywood Earthquake Fault and all studies point to the expectation that these towers will collapse.

Infrastructure: Imagine the amount of water that will be siphoned off to support this development not to mention the sewer and other services. 

It’s hard to trust a developer that allows condo owners in their Millennium Tower San Francisco to risk their lives while that development moves every day. They cut corners and the tower is leaning – it’s a joke to all those who didn’t invest in it. Let’s not let this developer have his reckless way with Hollywood!

Please express your concerns and do it before Monday, June 1.

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